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Tanzanite Cushion cut
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Citrine Trillion cut
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Ruby Cushion cut
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Ceylon Sapphire pear shape
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Tourmaline oval
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Opal Triplets
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Amethyst rectangle cut

world gemstones

exotic gemstones sourced and set to order

Aurum maintains international associations with leading diamond and gem brokers who purchase gemstones from Europe, Asia, South America and Southern Africa on our behalf.

Colin is able to source precious gemstones from all around the globe. We source gems such as emeralds from Columbia, diamonds from South Africa, rubies and sapphires from Thailand, Australia and Sri Lanka (Ceylon), black pearls from Tahiti, white and golden pearls from the Pacific and New Zealand's own blue pearls from Akaroa in the South Island.  As well as our sources for opals, garnets, quartz and much more. If you have a specific request please be sure to ask.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options for creating a custom-made piece. Either with a stone you already own and would like remodelled, or perhaps view our own in-house collection of loose unset gems before we start.

For a quick reference to your appropriate Zodiac, Birth or Anniversary stones please select from the convenient listings in the menu to the right.

Visit the International Coloured Gemstone Association (IGA) website for more unusual stones and then contact us to regarding the availability and suitability of the gemstone you wish to set.

certificates and valuations

Every commissioned piece that is priced in excess of $3000 at Aurum Fine Jewellery Auckland comes with a detailed invoice that clearly describes the various materials and design styles utilised in its manufacture. Additionally, we offer GemLab, Advanced gem or an in-house valuation of your Jewellery for your insurance purposes.

We recommend that any substantially valuable piece of jewellery is assessed independently by a gemmological laboratory employing qualified appraisers.

It is vital that you do not under-insure your collection. We suggest that your jewellery valuations should be reviewed at least every two years. This is particularly important when there are dramatic movements in the prices of gold, silver and platinum, or when exchange rates are volatile. Most insurance policies require any item of jewellery over $2,000.00 to be itemised along with a current assessment of value.

Aurum is happy to provide expert advice on jewellery appraisal and valuations. We offer a full replacement service to cover the theft or loss of your jewellery and are approved suppliers for all the major insurance companies in New Zealand.

Appointments, location & hours

Aurum Fine Jewellery is by appointment only. Please use the booking button on the right to choose a suitable time. Online consultations via Zoom, Google or Skype are welcome. We have convenient off-street parking right at our front door. Alternatively email us or phone: 09 3781 335.

The Ponsonby studio at 89 College Hill is open for appointments from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday, an ideal time for couples wanting to choose a special piece together.

Tax and Duty Free purchases can be arranged. Payment by bank deposit, cash, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Bitcoin. 6-12 months interest-free finance is also available.



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