Proposal rings

Proposal rings Auckland

Note: Our proposal rings page is being updated. 

We have over forty different proposal ring styles to choose from and they all look absolutely fantastic on the finger.

This way, proposing marriage will be easier for both you and your partner. The real advantage with Aurum's proposal ring option is that you get to set the budget first and then your partner gets to choose or design the engagement ring that they really want to wear.

For a small deposit, you are welcome to borrow one of our proposal rings for the big occasion complete with a cushioned box to propose with. Then when you are both ready to move to the next step to either design or purchase your new engagement ring off-the-shelf, we can organise an appointment to discuss it further. The best part being that your partner can wear the proposal ring, until your new ring is ready to fit.

Take the easy way, use one of our high-quality proposal rings and then create your masterpiece together.

Phone me to discuss your options on 09 378-1335