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handmade rings

Handmade Wedding Rings in New Zealand

Your wedding ring is a symbol of the unique love and commitment between you and your soon to be spouse. Getting a unique and handmade wedding ring created by our expert jewellers will make this symbol even more special.

At Aurum, we can create any design of wedding ring you want. You see, we don’t just sell the standard types of wedding ring you see in jewellery shops. Instead, we specialise in handmade wedding rings.

If you have a design or feature in mind, we’ll make it a reality. If you simply want something unique and meticulously handmade, we can help with this too.

We are leading specialists in the supply of handmade wedding rings throughout New Zealand, so contact us to discuss the rings you want.

Choose Your Design

• Traditional, contemporary, or unique designs
• Plain bands or set with diamonds
• White or yellow gold, titanium, palladium, platinum, or silver
• Polished, satin, or textured finishes
• Beautifully engraved with whatever message you want

We’ll design your wedding ring to ensure it fits comfortably beside your engagement ring. In addition, we can match the design of both rings or you can each have something unique.

If you are getting diamond wedding rings, the diamonds we use will be GIA certified. Also, we source all our diamonds from ethical suppliers.

Expert Jewellers Committed to Fine Craftsmanship

Our team has 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing wedding rings and jewellery. Our goal is to create handmade wedding rings that are truly special for your most special of days.

We’ll match the design of your wedding rings to your budget, and you’ll get excellent after sales support to ensure your handmade wedding rings stay in perfect condition.

The process starts by booking a free consultation with one of our designers so we can get an understanding of what you want. Get in touch today.

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