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You've heard of the traditional four "C"s to size up a diamond - carat, clarity, colour and cut. In our opinion Cut is the most important as it not only describes the diamond shape such as Round brilliant, Cushion cut, Asscher cut, Emerald cut and Princess cut but more importantly also its proportions, symmetry and finish often called "make" in the diamond trade. A diamond with a good make will be bright, fiery and really sparkle. The better the make the higher the price, fewer than 5% of diamonds have and excellent make. We specialize in diamonds having three excellent (3EX) grades and the hearts and Arrows (H&A) grade.

Carat refers to a diamonds weight, not its size. A carat is one-fifth of a gram. Generally the lighter in weight the stone the lower the price per carat.

Clarity is the degree to which a diamond is internally free of flaws. Flaws (or inclusions) cut a gem's sparkle and thus it's price.

Colour refers to a diamond's transparency. Colourless is best and as a rule the more transparent the diamond the higher the price.

For more detailed information visit: Diamond buying tips GIA, about diamonds HRD and CNN for more about Botswana diamonds.

All of our diamonds are guaranteed conflict free and we purchase directly from some of the world's largest and most respected diamond brokers and cutters. On larger diamonds international GIA and HRD certificates are mandatory. We supply full valuations or ask one of the New Zealand independent jewellery Valuation Companies to value our jewellery for insurance purposes. All of our work is guaranteed. Due to our long established relationships with overseas diamond suppliers we are very price competitive with all international online diamond resellers. If you are considering buying a diamond from overseas we would like the oportunity to quote, you will be impressed especially as the New Zealand consumer gurantees act and the duty free option apply.

As we offer a personal service please contact Colin in the Auckland jewellery studio by email or phone 09 3781335 to make an appointment to view or discuss any diamonds you wish to see.

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